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Self balancing bicycle prototype using flywheel(reaction wheel)

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    Hello everybody,
    Well I'm a level 4 mechatronics students from Mauritius and doing my project on a self balanced bicycle which uses a flywheel to achieve this.A better view of it can be seen on:


    During the past 3 weeks,I've been struggling on calculation of torque(flywheel motor) and I'm stuck.
    I have been using the formula T=J*alpha,
    where J=moment of inertia and alpha=angular acceleration.

    I have assumed overall mass of prototype to be around 2.5 kg,radius of flywheel=5 cm,mass of flywheel=0.5kg,radius of driving wheel=5 cm,max permissible tilting angle=30 degrees.

    Could you please help me in selecting my 12V DC motors:flywheel motor(rpm,torque)
    Driving motor(rpm,torque)
    and flywheel specifications(radius and mass)
    and finally if gear box(reduction gear) is needed,its ratio??
    Thanking you all in advance.
    Best regards
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    Your links don't work.
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    Can't find the other one
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    sorry...do not know how it changes...maybe by default...need to remove url...just edited it..
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