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Self-injurious Bahavior (SIB) is usually referring to the actions of hurting oneself physically, like cutting or burning, if I'm not mistaken. Sometimes, I wonder if a person pushes him/herself very harshly mentally, which in turn leads to physical illnesses, is regarded to have SIB. For example, a person called Abc, who knows he'll have serious headache if does not get enough sleep for a week. One day, he failed to acheive a goal due to laziness, he then forbade himself from having enough sleep for a week to do whatever he should have done to achieve the goal and got a serious headache in the end. Does Abc have SIB ?

Is it true that behaviors like using your fist to hit on the wall hard, shouting as loudly as you can are considered as SIB since hitting on the wall may hurt your joints and shouting may hurt your voice. Also, can we say that nearly everyone has or tends to have SIB but the degree of severity varies?

My last question is do animals, other than humans, have SIB ?


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Interesting questions, most of which I'm not qualified to answer. I do know that certain parrots/parakeets self-mutilate because of mental trauma (such as losing a companion bird-- they are very affectionate) by plucking out their feathers and such. I'm sure other animals exhibit such behaviors, especially the more intelligent/emotional ones.

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