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Seven Carbon Alkene with one Stereogenic Center

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    I can't figure out the structure of a seven carbon alkene that has a stereogenic center (chiral center) and is known to be optically active. The structure which comes to my mind is apparently not the one that is correct....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and cheers
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    A stereogenic center isn't necessarily a chiral center. A stereogenic atom is an atom where the exchange of any two groups gives a different molecule. So this includes chiral centers and things like olefin isomers. To make an alkene with only one stereogenic center you would have to have a terminal alkene, so something like 2-methyl-1-hexene would qualify. There are a lot of posibilities though. The stereogenic center could also be a chiral carbon such as 3-methyl-1-hexene, which also only has one stereogenic center. Since the compound you want needs to be optically active then it must have a chiral center, so the latter example would be an answer.
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    Thanks movies :smile:

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