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Sharp Heart Pains, Am I Dying?

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    OK, recently I've been having weird sharp sensations in my chest, it started in the left side but now it happens in the right too, the doctor said it was because of my weight training and that i had to stop, so i stopped but its been over a month now and it's still carrying on, also sometimes i feel really weird cold dripping sensation inside of the left side of my chest this only happens once every couple of days but it is really scary, i did some research on the chest pains and i linked it to anxiety because i do think im dying and i do think im going crazy and i cant sleep which are also symptoms but now i started getting a really weird weak kind of feeling in my arms, and the bottom of my right arm has swelled up can all this be linked? please help me i'm 18 years old and honestly think i'm dying because lots of weird things like this^ has just suddenly started happening.
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    You need to go back to the doctor for a follow-up visit. We cannot help you here (that's in the PF rules that you agreed to when you joined). Please go now...

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