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Short description about dihedrals?

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    Can someone give me a short description about dihedrals? for example what would be the elements of D10? or D4?
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    Well, do you know the geometric interpretation of a dihedral group? The elements are (in the geometric interpretation) rotations and reflections.
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    Yes I know the geometric interpretation. Is it the same for abstract algebra?
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    Yes, the geometric interpretation is the motivation for dihedral groups. As I said, the elements are analogous to rotations and reflections. In general a group presentation for [itex]D_n[/itex] is

    [tex]\langle s, r| s^n = 1, r^2 = 1 \rangle.[/tex]

    In that presentation, s corresponds to a rotation and r to a particular reflection.
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    You also need [itex]sr = rs^{-1}[/itex] in that presentation.
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    Indeed! I should be more careful. The group in my post isn't even finite for n>1. :yuck:
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    matt grime

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    It is the free product of C_n and C_2, in fact.
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