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Shorting the Ends of a Mobile Phone Charger

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    What would happen if I shorted the ends of a mobile phone charger (in both the cases when input is 110V or 220V)?

    I was considering using the terminals of a charger as a dc source for any experiment I might want to do at home (batteries would be too expensive), and wondered whether it was a good idea.
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    It's not good to short them. Some might deal with it fine, some may burn out, some may burn up. Personally I think using them for experimental power sources is fine, but keep within the limits on the case. I've never had one fail "violently", but I generally use them on reference design and evaluation test boards. I expect they will handle a momentary short without burning up if they have a UL or other safety rating, but they may fail. Others here may disagree about their safety.
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    Perhaps Google the specs and safety features of whatever model you are planning to use. Everyone is different.
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