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Should I learn C or Python?

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    I am majoring in mechanical engineering, and I have to take my first programming class, I have 2 options, a course that teaches C and another Python. Which one should I chose for ME? why? Which one do you think is more helpful for a ME major and is going to help me more in my future ME projects? Thanks
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    You should learn both, IMO. You will program in both most probably in your future work. As for picking which to learn first, Python is probably more interesting to learn first.
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    Thanks, I'll learn Python first then.
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    I learned C first(C++ specifically) in High School. Junior/Senior year of HS I took AP computer science classes which focused on Java.

    The good thing is, once you know C it's pretty easy to jump into Java and PHP if you ever need to.

    I don't know Python, nor do I know much about it.
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