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Sibling universes?

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    Would mathematic rules be the same in sibling universes?If it is an exact twin universe I expect it to be true ,but if it's not an exact twin?Is it possible for inhabitants of a sibling universe to find a diffrent kind of mathematics to describe their physics?
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    Unkown, and I'm not sure how you would test that hypothesis. Any universe must be mathematically consistent, so the laws would necessarily adjust to be internally consistent. We cannot observe other universes, so far as I know, so the question is purely speculative to me. The one we reside in is obviously mathematically consistent.
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    I guess my question should be : if math is just a "language" to describe physical experiences or a collection of facts that co-exists with our physical world...In addition only, I pretty much believe that if we "know" that our universe is expanding endlessly why not "to think" that parallel universes exists as well(at least so called level one parallel universes - in our timespace just far...far...away... :-)).I'm a fish immersed too deep in science-fiction water,I guess... :(
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    This universe is mathematically consistent, so far as we know. All physical laws appear to operate in the same manner everywhere over all of time. We cannot speak for other universes as none are known to exist at present.
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    Read my post https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=2540476&postcount=8", where I explain which Levels of multiverse would have similar mathematical rules and those which wouldn't.

    Basically, Level 1 and 3 multiverses have teh same mathematical constants, 2 and 4 have different ones.
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