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Signal processing

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    I want to ask how to process a pressure signal so that the signals can be smoothed / linearized, e.g. integrate, differentiate, rms, additive smoothing?
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    You mean a signal expressed as presure?
    Just an idea, don't know if it is sensible:
    I would use a small volume vessel with a very small hole against the pressure as an analogue of capacitor against voltage. Resistance against flow would be a small pipe.
    I would look up the circuitry for integrating, differentiating and filter circuits, and build the analogue.

    However it would be much easier and punctual to convert the pressure into voltage, and use the usual signal processing tools.
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    I am assuming you are using a "standard" kind of signal conditioning on the pressure transducer to begin with and you just want a way to post process the data. Probably the easiest method is to simply increase the time between data samples. That will go a long way towards smoothing your data out. If your signal is really noisy, you may want to look at how you have your DAQ wired because you may be getting noise in your signal, i.e. use a twisted/shielded pair for wiring, etc...

    Then, there is always the software route like this:
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