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Signals and Systems textbook

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    Hi all,

    I will be studying Signals and Systems later this year and it would be great if you could recommend me some books, tell me why you prefer them over others and describe them a little. The contents of the course will be both time-continous and time-discrete signals, sampling, Z, Fourier and Laplace. As well as poles, zeros, filters and LTI systems.

    Some books I've been looking at:
    (some have been recommended here in other threads)

    Schaum's outline
    Signals and Systems by Oppenheim
    Linear Systems and Signals by Lathi
    Transforms in Signals and Systems by Kraniauskas

    About the books you suggest:

    Are they mathematically rigorous and thorough?
    Do they have much text and explanations or the other way around?
    Many examples?
    Diverse problems?

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    I have used Oppenheim in my first signals and systems course. I would say it wasn't too bad. I esp. liked the problems (it contains tonnes of them). First course in signals and systems is somewhat challenging so it would take some effort to get through the book on your own. But more courses you take better intuition you will develop.

    Have fun with the course!
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