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Simple mechanical calcs

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    Hi Guys,
    What is a simple formula for calculating a shear strength of pin taking into consideration the yield strength of the material?
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    Is the pin in single shear or double shear?
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    The formula is the easy part. It's tailoring it for your specific problem that's the tricky part.
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    single shear
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    I know ;)
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    You need to give us much more details.
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    yield strength of the pin is 355 N/mm2
    pin diameter is 80mmm
    What is the maximum shear the pin can take?
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    I'll do it for you.

    Let's use the distortion energy theory: Ssy = 0.58Sy
    where Sy = 355 MPa
    Therefore Ssy = 206 MPa
    I'm assuming you're after the shear force, since you have the yield and diameter.
    So F= SSy*A
    F = 206*5026mm^2 = 1e6 N

    Assuming single shear. It'll be double this for double shear.

    I did this quickly in my head, you should probably check my working.

    That is one big pin though...
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    Thanks Vadar2012
    I did it the same way and I checked it against shearforces for bolts I found online. It appears to be right.
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    Please note that you could have received a better answer more quickly if you had supplied proper information at the beginning.

    With pins in shear

    You also have to consider the strength of the pinned material in relation to the pin material.

    If the pin is a safety or protection failure device you may need yet further considerations.
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