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Simple pendulum with Charged bobs

  1. Dec 17, 2015 #1
    If two simple pendulum with charged bobs hanging from the same point are taken in a satellite ,then their strings will become perfectly horizontal.

    I think that should be the case when these bobs are charged with similar charges and hence repulsion occurs but what if the bobs are oppositely charged I don't think their strings will become perfectly horizontal.Rather the bobs should collapse.Am I right?
    my following thread is related with this one.

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    Right. They attract each other and the strings don't get in the way.
    Thread 830160 is well squeezed out and done with, I should hope...
    So maybe this time we can have a record Gracy thread of only two posts !

    ( Feeble attempt to score in the humour hitlist...:smile: )

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