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Homework Help: Simple Problem help

  1. Aug 4, 2006 #1
    Hi guys, I'm having trouble on a simple problem on my homework and hoping you could shed some light on it. Here goes:

    Assume that a particular reaction evolves 244 kJ of heat and that 35 kJ of PV work is gained by the system. What are the values for (delta)E and (delta)H for the system? For the surroundings?

    For the system:
    so q=-244 kJ and w=35 kJ
    (delta)E=q+w= -244 kJ + 35 kJ = -209 kJ
    (delta)H= (delta)E + P(delta)V = -209 + 35 = -174 kJ ???

    For the surroundings:
    (delta)E_surroundings= -(delta)E_system = +209 kJ
    (delta)H_surroundings= -(delta)H_system = +174 kJ ???
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