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Simplifying expression with gamma matrix and slashes

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    I am trying to simplify the expression
    [itex] \not p \gamma^\mu \not p. [/itex]
    I believe the answer should be
    [itex] - \frac{1}{2} \gamma^\mu p^2, [/itex]
    but I am not sure.

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    ##\gamma^{\nu}\gamma^{\mu}\gamma^{\lambda} = g^{\mu\nu}\gamma^{\lambda} + g^{\mu\lambda}\gamma^{\nu} - g^{\nu \lambda}\gamma^{\mu} - i\epsilon^{\delta\nu\mu\lambda}\gamma_{\delta}\gamma^5 \\ \Rightarrow \not p \gamma^{\mu}\not p = 2p^{\mu}\not p - \gamma^{\mu} p^2 ##.
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