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Singular Value Decomposition question

  1. Apr 23, 2008 #1
    Hi everybody and congrats for this forums!

    I'm studying first course of Industrial Engineering, and last week we were asked in Algebra about the following question:

    SVD: A=U*Σ*V(hermitic). If A is a matrix which we divide by an horizontal imagine line, so that we have two blocks: one in the upper section (A1), and the other (A2) below A1.
    The question is, how to express Σ=Σ(Σ1,Σ2)

    Σ1 is the Σ of A1, and Σ2 is the Σ of A2

    I've been eating my brain this entire week to solve it, but I'm not able, so any answers, tips or anything would be really apreciated

    thanks in advance

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