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Homework Help: Sklansky adder algorithm

  1. Dec 12, 2015 #1
    Hello. I am unsure if this subforum is the right place for this question, but without any alternatives, I will dare to post it here.

    A few days ago I received an assignment which is about the creation in VHDL of a Sklansky adder. However, before I move to the coding part, I have trouble understanding the exact mechanics of the algorithm. Below you can see a pi is a picture I have found which shows the tree of a 16-bit Sklansky adder. I have already found the circuits that are represented by the black and grey boxes and I know that the triangles are just buffers.

    Assuming we add the 16-bit A and B, I know that I have to find the generate and propagate values for each pair of bits A(i) and B(i) which are produced from the following equations
    9bdb79f15f95e3e4cd4af7239b31fcc4.png and f5c0d5b45f53aae418e02be45891af1f.png
    I also know that at some point I will have to calculate carry values with the equation:

    but I can't find a detailed explanation about how all that ties together. I don't know which are the steps that take place after I get to the final "level" in the picture, which is depicted by the bottom most box (the one with the numbering 0:0, ... 15:0), and the professor who assign this has been less than helpful so far with cryptic explanations and confusing clarifications. I have no idea what happens after I am through with the black/grey components and the buffers. If someone can help me understand the basics and the flow of the algorithm, I will be grateful, even if it's only a link that offers the explanation I seek. Thank you

    http://i1140.photobucket.com/albums/n575/artdevil27/2015-12-12_183428_zpsvkvhsjvq.png?t=1449862983 [Broken]
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