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Smoker Temperature Control Project

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    I'm interested in designing a control system that will sense the temperature of my charcoal smoker, compare that value to a predetermined value (which the user is able to set) and then, if necessary, turn a fan on to stoke the fire to raise the temperature. This system would be constant feedback meaning the fan would be constantly turning on and off depending on the temperature comparison.

    Basically what I'm looking to do is reinvent https://www.rocksbarbque.com/" [Broken] simply because I like tinkering and just buying an end solution is no fun ;)

    Here's my problem - I'm an ME by trade and have very little experience designing control systems. I have had minimal experience with a Cypress PSoC Kit similar to http://www.cypress.com/?rID=37464" [Broken] but would call my self far from experienced or expert.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy route for me to start on that could potentially allow me to grow my skills as I learn the control system? Price is a concern, but not the ultimate deciding factor.
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    It seems like you could to it with something as simple as a household thermostat and a 12V fan, but yeah, where's the fun and learning in that... :smile:

    Your PSoC kit should be a good thing to start with, or else look at the simple PIC development boards / starter kits:


    You would then need some temperature sensing widget, and a relay output drive to turn on the fan. Does the PSoC or PIC look like a reasonable approach for you?
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    Rather then a simple on off control how about a variable speed fan and a proportional controller.
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