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So just how random can a fault to ground be....demo video

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    When something like that happens, everyone (firemen included) are suppose to stay very well clear, call the utility company, and protect the area until the utility company has arrived and made the scene safe.

    BTW: What the video shows is not that random. The power line is draped over the swing set and the fence.

    That is a great safety video.
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    Pretty good way to eradicate gophers! :smile:
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    My point of random - was you could not predict how the fault would arc, when it would flair up, if it cam back and the electrification of the fence in that way. - Fiend of our was in the intersection when a woman tried to exit her car with a power line on it. Just a basic understanding of electricity and the extreme hazard it can present should be general / basic education.
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