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Solar cell information

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    What started as a simple project, has become an out of control line of thought and a possible distraction, but one I think is worth picking up again. Several years ago I looked into the cost of solar for my home and the rebate that the city was offering for an approved installation. The cost of panels alone to go completely off grid was near $80,000.00 so I put it out of mind.

    Recently I accepted the request of putting in a pond feature for our community garden, I picked up a 6 watt fountain pump 120 volt and went to a harbor freight store, with the intention of buying a cheap solar panel. They had a 5 watt panel for 49.95 which I started to go to the front and pay for, then I saw a kit with 3 panels and accessories that puts out 45 watts, with a 20% discount I walked out spending 200.00 plus tax.

    I get home thinking this is not too bad, then one week later the same kit is on sale for 169.99 so I stop in the store with the intention of buying two more kits, but think goodness caution raised it's ugly head and being as the sale will end 8/26/2010 I decide to go home and do a little research. Now after doing a little research I have brought to mind some things learned in the past and a little new information about why I should put my money in a better quality material, hence the reason for this thread.

    http://www.plastecs.com/ [Broken]

    This link looks pretty good, but I do not have time right now to keep searching for more, maybe a few on this forum have places they have purchased from and are happy with what they have gotten. I think that if I attack with the thoughts of not needing the full power for my home that I originally planned, I can build my own panels at a reduction of 5 or more times. Cheap is good, but a project of this size will need quality and duration. I think what I just purchased will be OK for the garden project as a short term solution. Any help with sources or information would be great.

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    I don't know if it helps, but this company just down the road here in Silicon Valley is going gangbusters:


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    Thanks, I have not seen this type of panel before, looks like the market they want is far above where I'm at. I do see a possible need to save the link. This type panel having a 360 degree range and air space between each tube should offer a lot less resistance to high winds.
    A 200 acre farm that is currently being used for crops in full sun, might be changed to crops needing a certain level of shade and if incentives for solar are being promoted in the right amounts, there might be a way to offset the taxes on bonus and royalties from the oil and gas below.

    Being a rural area, how far can solar energy be transferred and still be practical ? any ideas?
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