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I Solenoid around magnetic bar

  1. Apr 6, 2017 #1
    Trying to understand solenoids and magnets a little better but have some questions
    Solenoids usually create magnetic fields when a current runs through them. Also the direction of the current determines how the magnetic field lines direction. Also the solenoid, similar to a magnet will then have a north pole and south pole?

    But for the bar magnet, the north end of the bar attracts to the south end of the bar? still sort of clueless on this part

    Also what about a bar magnet inside a solenoid? something like this: https://gyazo.com/a17ed72e9e32b199eb0ebf9e4bc2c8cf

    Are the field lines going in the same direction for both solenoid and magnetic bar? also then density of the lines, how can i determine that? Any help is appreciated.
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    then you need to understand what a solenoid is
    a solenoid doesn't describe the inductor coil, rather it usually describes a specific device, usually with a moveable metal core may or may not be magnetised within a coil, common use is for latching doors etc

    So the better term you want is electromagnet

    yes and yes

    the south end of another magnet bar or other shaped magnet

    The magnetic field of the coil will likely force the bar magnet out one end or the other, depending on polarities

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