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Solenoid control problem

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    :uhh: hey guys, I'm new in the field and I'm running into this basic problem that's giving a headache.
    I got a pneumatic slide that's supposed to go up and down. It's controlled by a double sol, 2 position (I'm pretty sure that's the type of valve on the machine now). The valve power is tied to a safety relay's output. For safety issue, when the gate's opened, the output of the relay drop and so is power to the valve. This does not stop the slide from moving instantaneously; but the slide stops when it's either fully up or down. I think the problem's it's a 2 position valve. Am I on right??? I think I should use a double, 3 position.

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    I'm not sure of your question. Can you post a drawing of the system, including the power sources, pneumatic circuits, etc.? Are you modifying an existing system for some reason, or designing it from scratch? What safety regulations are you supposed to meet?
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    Yeah, it's a bit confusing. By 'pneumatic slide', do you mean a piston whose movement is controlled by solenoid-operated pneumatic valves, or is the slide itself supposed to be some sort of valve? :confused:
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