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Solid axle ATV

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    I m considering to design a solid axle ATV for rear wheel drive without differential.....so I want to know about what design considerations I have to consider while its designing.(like track width....suspension linkage position)
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    Tomasz Lityński
    Artofprogress Limited

    23rd of July 2014


    I have read Your post about solid axle ATV and it make an impression on me.
    If You don't mind I would like to say some words about myself:
    I have graduated my engineer studies on the Technical University of Lodz, on the Mechanical Faculty. My education is in accordance with my interests with vehicles, airplanes and other machines. I feel a great need of creating and it influences on my professional progress. Since 2010 I work as a freelancer in my own firm. I am occupied with services in the field of technical drawings, CAD design and private lessons.
    I'm sure that we could co-operate in Your ATV project. Please write what could I do for You (advices, calculations, CAD drawings)
    If You are interested in my offer please contact me by e-mail.

    Best regards
    Tomasz Lityński
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