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Homework Help: Solutions and colligative properties and chemical kinetics combined ques.

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    a mixture of two miscible liquids a nd b has 10 moles of a and 12 moles of b. pure vapour pressure of a is 300mm Hg and tht of b is 500mm of hg. as soon as b is added to solution A starts polymerising into an insoluble solid. after 100 minutes 0.525 moles of a solute C is added whch stops polymerisation completely.the final vapour pressure of solution is 400 mm hg. calculate rate constant of the polymerisation reaction. its follows first order kinetics.

    2. Relevant equations

    k=1/t ln(c1/c2) p= p1x X1 + p2x X2

    3. The attempt at a solution ok first calculated the total v.p of initial solution. mole frac. of A is 5/11 and tht of B is 6/11 so total v.p comes to be 300x5/11+500x6/11 whch is equal to 4500/11. after tht by using pressure is proportional to moles calculated final moles of last solution which is coming abt 21.51 and initial moles are 22. but ,main problem is i m not gettng how to calculate moles of A that have polymerised. plz help.
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