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Homework Help: Solve give me some help

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    Solve plz give me some help

    how would you solve this question cos2x+cosx+1=0? The cos2x is throwing me off is that the same as cos^2x? Its multiple choice and all the answers are in radian how come?
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    1. cos(a + b) = cos(a)cos(b) - sin(a)sin(b).
    2. Do you know how to write 1 in terms of sin and cos?
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    no i dont plz help me
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    [tex]\sin^{2}x + \cos^{2}x = 1[/tex]
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    cos2x is not the same as cos^2x. Use a double angle identity for that one.
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    On normal basis,u should end up with a simple quadratic equation is "\cos x"...That won't be 2 hard to solve...

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