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Homework Help: Solving double integral without integrating

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    From an example in my book:

    Int Int (2x) dxdy over R = 0

    (R is the circe x^2+(y-1)^2=1)

    How can one make this conclusion without integrating?
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    Look at the symmetry. A circle is "symmetric about the origin": If (x,y) is in the circle then so is (-x, -y). That means that for each possible x value, you have the corresponding -x and so the "effect" of the two points will cancel out.
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    It's actually symmetric about (0,1), but you can draw a similiar conclusion to HallsofIvy's post
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    Right, sorry about that! If (x. 1+y) is in the circle, so is (-x, 1- y)!
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