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Solving equation with T2 (Final Temperature)

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    Hello there,

    I want to know, what is the equation formula for "Final Temperature" with Temperature Coefficient of Resistance? Let I show you the question as below:

    The resistance of a component at 0°C is 55Ω and increases to 61Ω when subjected to a rise in temperature. Calculate the change in temperature if the temperature coefficient of resistance of the component is 0.0018/°C.

    Need to answer to T2.

    Can you show me the formula?

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Using Rfinal=Rinitial (1+a(Tfinal - Tinitial)) where R=resistance T=temperature a=temperature coefficient
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    Thank you for your response but your answer is for "Final Resistance" but I am looking "Final Temperaturion".
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    (1/a)(Rf/Ri -1) + Ti = Tf
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    At last, thank you very much.

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