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Sound output on ibm laptop not working

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    I had this problem before. But a friend of mind open up my laptop and fixed it. I was told that I could also reinstall sound drive for laptop , but don't know the procedures for reinstalling sound driver. I have already checked that whether the sound was muted , turns out it was not muted. What option should I take into consideration for reviving the sound on my laptop?
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    please help me
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    If you see a speaker icon next to your clock, chances are you have your sound drivers properly installed. Double click the icon and make sure all the sound levels are above zero.
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    Do you mean not muted? My volume icon indicates that all volume sub options are all unmuted. I tried reinstalling my audio drive, but that did not work.
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    What OS are you running? If you are running Windows then open the command prompt. (I think it was called "Run" in the start menu of Windows XP) and type:
    Code (Text):
    Your sound card should be listed there. You should then be able to find the associated driver through a simple google search.

    If you're using Linux then please tell us what distro you're running and I'll help from there.

    It could just be that your sound card copped it though, maybe a wire broke or came loose?

    If you're running Windows you could use a live linux distribution and see if your sound works from there. (I'll suggest Linux Mint or Ubuntu).
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    Did any of the suggestions on your other thread work?
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    Actually , I figured it out. Turns out that I accidentally pressed the mute button on my keyboard without my knowledge. I didn't even know that a mute button existed on my keyboard until somebody pointed it out to me.
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