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Sound track of pirates of the caribbean

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    which soundtracks do you like?

    i like the sound track of pirates of the caribbean.
    the composer of the soundtrack is klaus badelt.

    great music...
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    I like the soundtracks to A Beautiful Mind and Bicentennial Man, both of which are by James Horner.

    My favorite, so far, is probably the soundtrack to The Pianist, but I've always loved Chopin.
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    Did you check out the one in Sea Legends (great game, btw)?
    Star Wars and Gladiator come to mind right now with
    much much more in the list.
    John Williams is number one of course !
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    Philip Glass did a brillinat score to 'Kundun'

    apart form that Donnie Darko has one of the best soundtracks ever

    and for the aussies, how cool is the compilation in Priscilla Queen of the Desert? *sings* 'go weest! life is peaceful there...'
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    I'm a big fan of classical music myself, But the braveheart soundtrack was excellent.

    Everyone said that pirates of the carribean was awesome, but I thought it sucked. cheesy plot, so so acting, and too long.
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    i think the soundtrack saved the movie and made it great (dont get me wrong the movie itself is good but not awsome as you said that some say so).
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