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Spacecraft Attitude Control Simulation

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    I'm building a spacecraft attitude control simulation and I'm looking for some references to help me build a realistic mathematical model. Could someone please help me? I'm testing an AI library I built and that is requiring a lot of research in itself.

    Thanks for your time!
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    You'll definitely need to understand the moment of inertia tensor


    You can probably assume that your thrusters give a constant torque along some particular axis when they are on, and no torque when they are off.

    A simple model would be that the axis that the torque was generated around would be one of the principal axes of the moment of inertia tensor, a more general model would be that the torque was generated along an arbitrary axis.

    You may also need to take a look at Euler's equations, to convert the equations of motion from body-centered to a fixed coordinate system


    For a textbook reference, try Goldstein's "Classical Mechanics", look up "Euler's equations".
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    Thanks pervect! :)
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