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I Spectral Analysis.

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    What can spectra tell us?
    They can tell us the speed of the object, its temperature, size and some more, but how can we do this at home with a glass prism?
    Do you know?
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    since you have marked your thread with an "I" tag, that assumes you have some university studies behind you

    what has your research shown up so far for home made spectroscopes ?
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    My apologies for this! I did not know that the "I" tag means university studies.
    This will not happen again.
    What should I mark it with if I am just a high school student and amateur scientist, which conducts experiments in his free time?
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    no probs :smile:
    many are having trouble understanding the tag system

    "B" would be the best unless you have a very good understanding of the problem/subject
    it's to let other responders know how technical they should get in their replies

    so back to my original Q.....

    you need more than just a prism ..... there are many links on google for homemade and hobbyist spectroscopes :smile:

    looking forward to seeing how ya go and report back

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