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Speed of gravity waves

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    On what basis did Einstein determine that gravity waves travel at the speed of light?
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    I'm guessing by analogy with electromagnetic waves....with his interpretations that ether theory is false....that the Lorentz transformations with c2 components were applicable....but it IS difficult to find documentation of Einstein's path thru GR...

    One popular physics author mentioned in passing he had read Einstein's original notes and that many of Einstein's errors would be obvious to a modern physicst because of all the progress since...of course it easier to have a theory explained to you rather than have to do the original work!!
    Apparently Einstein's real genius is he intuition about physical interactions...what "feels" right....but that later led him off course when he rejected quantum mechanics as illustrated by "God does not play dice" observation...
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    I ignore if he did determine this result. But other researchers did, for example Lichnerowicz in 1955. Just look for some references and you certainly will find the solution to your question.
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