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Spherical coordinates

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    The problem is

    << transform the following vectors to spherical coordinates at the points given

    10ax at P (x = -3 , y = 2, z=4)>>

    Actually, My first langauge isn't English, please understand that.

    x y z can be chage into x = rsinθcosφ , y=rsinθsinφ , z=cosθ

    ax vector can be expressed ar,aθ,aφ so, I can change x , y, z

    therefore we have to find θ, φ, r

    also, we can know the sinθcosφ = x/r sinθsinφ = y/r z=cosθ

    10ax = 10ax ar + 10ax aθ + 10ax aφ

    = 10sinθcosφ + 10cosθcosφ - 10sinφ

    >>>> I can fill out innerproduct between x and r but how to solve the others,

    Is it right answer? I want to find more correctly one (it make lots of number, because find each variables through lots of calculation)

    >>>> I want to more objective soultion !
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    I want to know how to chage between sehperical coordinates and cartesian coordinates
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    I am sorry that I posted wrong forum,,, how can i erase my post?
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