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Spin transport (diffusion and ballistic)

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    Can anybody explain in a few words these two modes of spin transport and what are the difference between them. Thanks.
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    In general, ballistic transport is when the scattering length (mean free path) of the particles is large compared to the transport distance. So the particles move in a straight line from point A to point B.

    If you are looking at transport on a length scale much larger than the scattering length, there will be many scattering events, and the particle motion will be more like a random walk (instead of a straight line). This is diffusion.
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    Thanks a lot. Could u please suggest any reference to read. As I googled this question a lot but did not find reference that treats explains this.
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    Related ballistic/diffusive transition at Mean Free Path in fluid mechanics is


    Googling "Spin Transport" and starting on page 11:


    How hard did you look? All these links were on the 1st page of results of Googling "Ballistic Transport", "Diffusive Transport", "Mean Free Path" and "Spin Transport".
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