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Spyware and Pop up's in Physics Forum Archives

  1. Jul 2, 2004 #1
    I am curious as to whether anyone is experiencing this difficulty as well.

    I have been creating intricate networking of postings other then this forum for reference back to it, but if this is happening other then myself, it could become a deterant to using references to physics forum for future considerations.

    I want to maintain these links to the archives but will have to consider otherwise, if this continues. Any thoughts in this regard would be appreciated.
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    Spyware no, pop ups yes
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    No, I have got some pretty nasty spyware from the archives a couple of times.
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    Why are you in the archive anyway, mostly just for search engines :)

    What is the spyware though?
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    Not just for search engines. If you do searches for respective information and you have not this on current boards, it wil automatically direct you to sources request in links. You have no way to "differentiate" until to click on it.

    Spyware can take control of your computer through the record of your key strikes. I have to remove them once week, and everytime I have visited the archive material.

    There must be safe guards around your archive or it will hurt the board. Trust me :smile: Fortunately AOL has this feature that I can use, since I am on dial up and from a country location.

    On average two a week for the last two months. I must say adware is one of these sometimes. As well, security features must also be considered here.
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    I've used it for over a year now and have had no troubles
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    Thank you.

    Is there a way to protect the archive?
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    On another note It was really interesting to watch the developement of the internet along two paths.

    This was interesting because it ask about the fundamental rights of copyright/copyleft.

    Do you recall the Cathedral and the Bizzare?
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    The cathedral is the monothethic approach to building software, while the bizzare is the open source market. I remember this from watching the Revolution O.S..

    For those interested in reading the book Eric Raymond has it posted on this website.

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    http://www.macopinion.com/columns/macskeptic/00/07/07/ [Broken]

    Funny word play. Jeff Lewis uses "Bizarre" to refer to the "bazaar" approach, and it seems sol has found more useful the new spelling,
    Bizzare... hmm it somehow sounds as bizz, bussines or so.
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    That is a GREAT link because it provides the SAME usefulness as the one sol offered ! --lol
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    :rofl: Thanks for pointing out error.

    It was a interesting exploration in how Microsoft and Netscape diverged into two different pathways.

    One has to read Gamow first though. The history of the internet developement and then we see this duality emerge? It too has a philosophical question about ownership when it comes to immediate expression of the new quantum reality in computerization?

    How would one ever manage it?
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    You had to be there right? :smile:

    Imagine someone telling you that when you buy your computer that you can only use Microsoft as its operating system. Do you like being told what to do in a cornered market?
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