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Stable particles

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    How can be sure than the unique stable particles are the neutrons, the electrons, the photons and the neutrinos? Couln´t it be possible than at low energies were there more particles??
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    Protons are stable. Free neutrons are not.

    There could be more particles, but they cannot interact strongly with ordinary matter, or we would have seen them by now.
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    A 2014 result with 260kT·yr of data, searching for decay to K-mesons set a lower limit of 5.9 × 1033 yr,[5] close to a supersymmetry (SUSY) prediction of near 1034yr.[6]
    And the universe is 13.8 x 109 yrs old so that's pretty stable.
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    1033 and 1034 should be 1033 and 1034.
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    Sorry, I copy and pasted from jtbell's link...
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