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Stairway to Heaven, Best rock song?

  1. Jun 6, 2004 #1
    I personally think Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is the best rock song ever. No matter how many times I hear it, it never gets old. Whatdaya think?
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    It's good, but I like the "Battle of Evermore".
  4. Jun 6, 2004 #3

    Ivan Seeking

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    Right up there for me but I would have to say top ten only.

    I thought that the entire Dark Side of the Moon LP was incredible - except for Money. Never liked that one for some reason.

    More on the pop side; EJ, EJ, EJ. Couldn't begin to pick one.

    The harder side, Aqualung, and Too Old to Rock and Roll, by Tull

    Harder; Cat Scratch Fever; by the numbers anyway

    Acidic, Purple Rain

    Can't narrow it down any more than that
  5. Jun 6, 2004 #4
    I like Pink Floyd's "another brick in the wall."

    Never heard it. More info...

    Right now, its near midnight, and I'm listening to Boston's "Long Time" and "More than a Feeling." Those two songs are awsome if you have the volume up really loud.

    Anyone here like Alan Parson?
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    Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin. It was on their fourth album. One of their songs about the "Lord of the Rings".

    I love the mandolin on it.
  7. Jun 6, 2004 #6
    Weird. The title sounded like Enya or something. Was the song in the Lord of the Rings movies?
  8. Jun 6, 2004 #7


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    No, it wasn't.
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    No? Now I'm all confused..
  10. Jun 6, 2004 #9


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    It would be hard for me to pin down the best rock song. But I can tell you the spookiest: John Lennon's Mother. I won't listen to it after 10 PM, because it gives me nightmares. :eek:
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    The song came out over 30 years ago, but I highly recommend that you listen to it.
  12. Jun 6, 2004 #11
    I think something like 'Achilles Last stand' rocks more than stairway.

    But then I prefer Pink Floyd anyway - "ha ha, charade you are!"

    Definitely! Although I can't decide between 'I robot' and 'tales of mystery and imagination'

  13. Jun 6, 2004 #12
    I like Friends by Led Zeppelin better than Battle of Evermore, but I dunno whats the best rock song is, but Led Zeppelin is the best rock-group *bangs head*
  14. Jun 6, 2004 #13
    If you like "Battle of Evermore", then you may know there is a girl who sings with Plant in that song by the name of Sandy Denny. She is a famous british folk-rock singer from the 60's. Check out the band Fairport Convention. I started listening to them because i loved songs like Evermore, and going to california so much. They have some really fabulous songs. I recommend "Matty Groves", "Tam Lin", "Farewell farewell". Those shold be a good start. Tell me what you think.

  15. Jun 6, 2004 #14
    "Voodoo Chile, Slight Return" by The Master of the Stratocaster.
  16. Jun 6, 2004 #15

    jimmy p

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    The battle of Evermore is on the same album as Stairway to Heaven :tongue2: Only need to make one investment for people that like the songs. I think the best rock song is GNR - Paradise City.
  17. Jun 6, 2004 #16
    Yes, but who in their right mind would ever dream of buying only one Zeppelin album?!

    and if you are going to get just one it should be physical graffiti :tongue:
  18. Jun 6, 2004 #17
    funny how Led Zeplin has never had one top ten hit on bilboard, or any chart, yet today they are considered the best band of all time. for me i can not give anyone the tittle of best band ever since there are so many of them
  19. Jun 6, 2004 #18

    jimmy p

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    I dont think I have physical graffiti baffledMatt, what songs are on it?? I may have it on mp3 without knowing it :biggrin:

    Actually, my new favourite band is (sorry Marillion) Matchbox 20. Their first album went platinum many times but they never became "famous" as they didnt get high in the charts. I think it is quite a feat to be platinum selling 8 million in Australia, 5 million in New Zealand and diamond (over 10 million copies sold) in the US without becoming a mainstream popular band. And that was their FIRST album.

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  20. Jun 6, 2004 #19
    Disc 1
    01. Custard Pie
    02. The Rover
    03. In My Time Of Dying
    04. Houses Of The Holy
    05. Trampled Underfoot
    06. Kashmir

    01. In The Light
    02. Bron-Yr-Aur
    03. Down By The Seaside
    04. Ten Years Gone
    05. Night Flight
    06. Wanton Song
    07. Boogie With Stu
    08. Black Country Woman
    09. Sick Again

    Fantastic! :biggrin:

  21. Jun 6, 2004 #20

    jimmy p

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    hmmmm I have some of their songs but not all of them...weird....
  22. Jun 6, 2004 #21
    Barenaked Ladies are a great rock band. They are one of the most popular Canadian bands.

    They do alternative rock, but fans say they do geek rock.

    They have some very catchy tunes.
  23. Jun 6, 2004 #22
    What!? I've only heard their "Breakfast at Tiffany's" song, and I thought it was just okay, nothing great though.

    What about the Beatles? They are/were awesome. I mostly like their "While My guitar Gently Weeps."

    Zepplins "Immigrant song" is sorta cool to.
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  24. Jun 6, 2004 #23
    I love popular rock "greatest hits," especially from '67 to '78. This is one case where the people's opinion rules. When I discovered Roxy Music, I learned to flashback to my lost, mystic college years.
  25. Jun 7, 2004 #24
    Whatdaya think of the whole "reversed lyrics" thing for Stairway. They say the whole "bustle in your hedgerow" part contains a satanic message played backwards. I went to a site where you can listen to it backwards, and it really sounds convincing. I did a bit more research, and it looks like a very controversial subject.
  26. Jun 7, 2004 #25
    Well, isn't that what makes it the number one rock song of them all? :biggrin:

    Would you have a link, I'd like to hear it again?

    What's controversial about it? Careful listening reveals not one passage, but several... :smile:

    In the very still of night
    when folks are asleep
    and the devils daemons start
    making spirits weep
    I'll be in the cemetery
    with horns on me head
    flashin’ black cross of
    two big big bone
    me invokin' the dead.
    -Witch Doctor

    I thought Stairway To Heaven had a lot more meaning backwards... :tongue2: :biggrin:
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