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Stator ring coils model in Multisim or Orcad

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    Hello everyone

    I am trying to simulate a three phase AC powered six coil stator ring using Multisim or Orcad. How would I do this? Would I use regular inductors as the coils or would I use coils with iron and steel rods inside them? Would I just connect each inductor coil pole pair, corresponding coils for each pole connected in series, together in a wye connection using three phase AC power symbolized by Multisim or Orcad? Do I need to use any resistors when connecting the coil pairs together in the wye connection or when I connect each coil of a pole pair in series?

    Basically, how do I simulate a three phase AC stator ring with six coils using Multisim or Orcad? Are there any tutorials or anything that would help me in my endeavor?

    Thank you guys very much for any help you could give me. I really appreciate it.

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    I am trying to model a six coil stator ring using three phase AC power supply in Multisim or Orcad, which from the connection pictures I have seen on the web can be modeled by interconnecting three pairs of inductors, six total where each pair is connected in series, in a wye connection to a three phase power supply. I know how to use Multisim and Orcad for basic RCL circuits using DC and AC power but I am unsure as how to properly model the six coil stator ring. Multisim and Orcad has an option to use a three phase power supply in a wye connection to provide the voltage, however, I am unsure as to what to use to model the six coils, regular inductors or inductors with steel or iron inside them, and if I should connect opposite coils together in series to produce the three pairs of inductors before connecting them into a wye connection and how I would decide how many, if any, resistors and/or capacitors need to go in series or in parallel with the coils.

    Any help trying to model a six coil three phase AC powered stator ring in Multisim or Orcad would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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