What is Stator: Definition and 46 Discussions

The stator is the stationary part of a rotary system, found in electric generators, electric motors, sirens, mud motors or biological rotors. Energy flows through a stator to or from the rotating component of the system. In an electric motor, the stator provides a magnetic field that drives the rotating armature; in a generator, the stator converts the rotating magnetic field to electric current. In fluid powered devices, the stator guides the flow of fluid to or from the rotating part of the system.

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  1. B

    Leakage Flux Inside a Slot of an AC Machine (dual stator)

    Hello All, Please see the attachments. The pdf file is the IEEE paper I'm reading. Figure 1 show a slot of the AC machine similar to the front view of the picture below: But in one slot, they fit two sets of conductors. The first set carries current i1 in total. The second set carries...
  2. V

    B Generator stator: Copper wire or copper sheets?

    Inside a electric generator. To produce the most electricity catching the greatest number of electrons. Instead of spinning a magnet in front of a copper loop or spinning a copper loop between 2 magnet poles my thinking is flat copper sheets would have more surface area on a single magnetic...
  3. H

    Why do we need stators in compressors or turbines?

    Hey Everybody! I was wondering why do we need Stators in compressors and turbine, for instance the goal of compressor is to increase the outlet pressure, so that the combustion is effective, but why we don't put just Rotors and no stators in the compressor (or Turbine).
  4. O

    How to wind a brushless motor (number of windings per stator)

    Hi folks, I'm searching for information/procedure and also calculations/equations on how to correctly wind a stator on a (general or DC 3-phase) brushless motor? I.e. how to wind a copper wire X number of times around the stators, and thus get the desired performance/force that is required...
  5. L

    Rewiring of a stator - The math behind it

    Hi all, I recently saw a video on youtube where a fellow re-wires and old stator from a washing machine in order to reduce voltage from 400VAC to a safer value. See here. Couple of questions: 1.) A before and after image/schematic is shown with a description of the configuration. Respectively...
  6. bkrame429

    Revamp Your Motorcycle's Charging System for 12v DC: Stator Winding Help

    I need help building a charging system for a motorcycle that has been converted to a 12v DC EFI system (formerly carbureted with a CDI ignition). The original full wave system was designed specifically to produce high voltage for the ignition system (32 gauge wire with thousands of turns). My...
  7. granzer

    Why doesn't the stagnation temperature change in a stator?

    I am studying the rotary compressor and I have understood that the stagnation pressure and stagnation temperature both increase in the rotor stage (as energy is being added). I also read that in the stator stage the stagnation temperature remains a constant but there is loss of stagnation...
  8. Peter McBride

    AC Single phase stator wiring help

    This stator is out of a Wisconsin VG4D gas motor. Both black leads go to a rectifier. Red and white leads go to a regulator. White lead pigtail goes to ammeter gauge and on to battery. I need to rewind but for the life of me I can't figure out how to connect the winding to the 4 leads coming...
  9. J

    Air resistance: cylindrical rotor in stator with air gap

    Hello, I am currently doing research on the aerodynamic properties of a rotating cylinder in a cylindrical housing. The cylinder represents a rotor in a electric motor. The air gap between rotor and stator is about 0.5mm. I'm looking for a theoretical analysis and calculation on the...
  10. Juan Andrew

    Calculating Magnetic Field Strength in a Stator DC Motor

    Hey, I need a little help I know in a DC motor there are permanent magnet and also coil So my question is, what is the equation to calculate the magnetic field strength in a stator dc motor compound?
  11. W

    Motor: stator and rotor magnetic strength

    What is the perfect ratio of rotor pm magnetic strength:stator em magnetic strength ? What will happen if we have N52 rotor magnet surrounded by stator 187amp/turn electromagnet ? Will stator magnetic field will be sufficient for revolution of rotor??
  12. rishi kesh

    Instantaneous current in stator of 3 phase IM

    I am studying induction motors and i have equation for instantaneous value of current flowing in each phases.(please check to image below).I can see that its it the form Im.cosωt But isn't it supposed to be Im.sinωt ?because that's how we find all instantaneous parameters like voltage and...
  13. Cocoleia

    3-phase delta supply to a 3-phase synchronous motor?

    Homework Statement Can we use a 3 phase delta supply to a 3 phase synchronous motor who's stator windings are connected in star (wye)? The Attempt at a Solution I was thinking no, since I read in my notes that the rotor has to be supplied with a "continuous current" But I'm not sure. I have...
  14. Kjell Amundsen

    Electrical Rewinding old 3-phase stator: Non-symmetrical layout

    Hi all. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts regarding my DIY rewinding project as follows: *Motorcycle stator off an old Yam RD350 (known as RZ350 in the US) needs rewinding after some of the coils were "fried". *The stator has 3 larger high voltage coils used for the CDI system - and is left...
  15. E

    How to calculate the inductance of a stator winding

    Hi there, i have a three phase synchronous generator that is powered by a 1/3hp electric motor. I am having difficulty calculating the inductance of each phase of the stator winding when it is at full operation. I will give you some of the specs of the alternator. The rotor has 12 poles, with an...
  16. Noaha

    Rotor and stator flux in 3 phase Induction motor

    The rotor and stator flux speed are stationary with respect to each other in 3 phase induction motor. What will happen if there is relative speed between them? How these two fluxes interact with each other to develop a torque?
  17. P

    Rotor magnetic field and stator magnetic field

    This is one of the big confusions i have. When rotor magnetic field is 90 degrees with respect to stator magnetic field we get maximum torque. In field oriented control the a, b, c axis is converted to d and q axis. So making d axis to 0 and q axis to torque and running through pi loop does...
  18. C

    Possible to convert a three phase motorcycle stator to single phase?

    Hi I have an engine that has three phase 18 pole stator for DC fired cdi system . I want to install it this engine in another bike frame the issue is that that frame has ac fired cdi wiring system. Where there is a special coil for the Ignition, lightning and charging. Can i covert the...
  19. N

    Stator inlet angle in turbomachine?

    Hello, I am wondering about the following action in a stator: If the inlet angle in a stator is B, and the outlet angle is -B, what exactly is happening? Axial vlocity should be constant, and so should the relative velocities except being mirrored and i am asuming infinitely thin blades.. Can...
  20. deuel18

    Rotating Stator: Permanent Magnets & Rotor Polarity Change

    Hello. I just want to know if it is possible to have permanent magnets as Stator in a Rotating Magnetic field morot. However, these Stators rotates to change their polarities in relation with the Rotor. Much like the harmony of Intake/Exhaust valves in an Internal Combustion Engine.
  21. B

    Synchronous machine stator current

    Homework Statement Explain how the synchronous machine stator current can be varied if the load is constant. Justify your answer with phasor diagrams. 2. The attempt at a solution If load is constant then load angle, the angle between induced e.m.f. and terminal voltage remains the same...
  22. Salvador

    Need help understanding strange idea (electric motor rotor and stator)

    A dc brushed motor with a commutator, the stator isn't fixed to anything and is left freely on a desk for example, now apllying power the rotor starts to turn, if I take the rotor and hold it with hand the stator now starts to turn around , I assume this happens because the stator poles and...
  23. Z

    Why does q-axis stator current control torque in 3-ph IM?

    I know that decoupling the 3 phase currents we get the id and iq (in rotor frame) currents which control the flux and torque respectively. But where does the relation come from?
  24. D

    Apparently broken circuits in a resin cast stator

    I've been building a 3 phase delta wired alternator. I recently cast the stator in fiberglass resin, and now i get no response from the terminals. Before casting, I used the multimeter's resistance setting to test the connections between each pair of the three terminals, and all registered a...
  25. C

    Induction motor vector control stator current vector

    I am new to flux oriented control and i read that this method is to decouple the stator current, one component for flux producing and other for torque,so that so that we can control these two current components to control an AC motor like a DC one(right?) However when i try to dig into detail...
  26. T

    How to calculate stator to rotor winding turns ratio?

    Homework Statement I have a set of data that I need to use to calculate the stator to winding turns ratio. A hint was given: "The rotor current measured is the rotor winding current. However, the rotor current we use for our calculations is the current referred to the stator side of the...
  27. K

    Gas Turbine: Making Rotor as Stator and vice versa

    Hi, Just wondered why the rotor of a gas turbine (generally inside) is not made stationary and the casing (drum that surrounds the rotor) made to rotate...kind of reversed gas turbine... One limitation i thought about was the combustion can placement... Any other views as to why we don't see...
  28. J

    How Do Rotor and Stator Pole Numbers Affect BLDC Motor Efficiency?

    hi, There is one thing that I do not understand and nor do I find any direct explanations for it. Is there any relationship between no of rotor poles and no of stator poles in BLDC motor (or PM Synchronous Motor)? I have read somewhere there doesn't have to be. I can imagine if no of poles are...
  29. P

    Induction motor rotor and stator fluxes

    Hi, When a load is applied to the rotor of an induction motor, the rotor speed decreases and as a result, the induced currents in the rotor and the torque produced increases due to the relative speed difference between the rotor and the rotating field within the stator. My question is...
  30. E

    3 Phase Rotor / Stator Swapping ?

    3 Phase Rotor / Stator Swapping ? I have been toying around with the following idea : (specific application project) Normally a stator is the external housing of a motor and is fixed to a structure - the rotor is the shaft through the middle of this stator etc. and is rotating at ...x... RPM...
  31. P

    Stator slots, does the shape make a difference?

    Hi folks, I'm very new to your impressive forums but just know I've come to the right place for all the pesky questions I need answers to. For starters - Does the shape\form of a stator slot in a mono-phase, squirrel cage, A\C motor really make a difference? I believe some shapes offer...
  32. S

    Induction Motor:No of rotor poles not equal to no of stator poles

    Consider 2 cases case 1: no of rotor poles = 2 no of stator poles =4 case 2: no of rotor poles = 4 no of stator poles =2 What will happen in case 1 & 2 ? Will Induction motor run?
  33. S

    3-phase Induction Motor:Supply given to Rotor & Stator winding shorted

    In a 3 phase slip ring Induction motor, 3 phase balanced supply is given to rotor winding & stator winding is short circuited . Then rotor would - run against the direction of rotating field. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?
  34. A

    DC motor rotor + stator : torque by attraction ?

    DC motor rotor + stator : torque by attraction ? [Solved] So on that image there's a very simple dc motor. Knowing that F = B*I, the force acting on the wire can be represented as on the image. Also the current passing through the rotor will create a magnetic field, represented by Brotor...
  35. R

    Stator fried, what to use for insulation?

    Ok guys I have a stator/alternator on one of my motors, and the thing finally gave out on me. You can tell where the wire got hot and burnt through the insulation. I have heard that you can use thinned down JB weld as a good insulator. How important is it that the insulation be the same...
  36. B

    Consider a rotor rotating inside a stator. The rotating torque

    Consider a rotor rotating inside a stator. The rotating torque produces a moment. This moment will be counter balanced by generating a counter- torque (by rotating the stator or some other element in counter direction). Now, my query is that I have a pump rotating a considerable mass and this...
  37. MacLaddy

    Dividing a circle for a stator

    Not a homework question, I was just hoping someone could assist me with understanding some math. Actually, more accurately, I was wondering if someone could double check the math on the following website. http://www.otherpower.com/statormold.shtml If you scroll down you will see some...
  38. M

    Height/length of teeth in stator core

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm planning to build an alternator/generator but I can't seem to information regarding the benefits of the height/length of the teeth in the stator core as indicated by the arrow in the picture below [1]. I know the width of the teeth determine flux...
  39. S

    Stator ring coils model in Multisim or Orcad

    Hello everyone I am trying to simulate a three phase AC powered six coil stator ring using Multisim or Orcad. How would I do this? Would I use regular inductors as the coils or would I use coils with iron and steel rods inside them? Would I just connect each inductor coil pole pair...
  40. J

    Alternating poles in the stator of an alternator

    I have run into something i don't understand while working with an alternator. I purchased a magnetic pole detector to identify the poles of some magnets and tried to see if i could detect the changing magnetic field of the alternator in my car while it was running by placing the pole detector...
  41. S

    Stator ring coil and connection questions

    Hello everyone: I am trying to find a program or formula that will help me figure out how many windings, turns of coil, are needed per coil on a 6 coil steel stator ring powered by 3-phase AC power to get a certain magnetic field strength, about 1.3T. Is there any way that you could help me...
  42. S

    Stator ring connection and coils question

    Hello everyone: I am trying to find a program or formula that will help me figure out how many windings, turns of coil, are needed per coil on a 6 coil steel stator ring powered by 3-phase AC power to get a certain magnetic field strength, about 1.3T. Is there any way that you could help me...
  43. S

    What resources can help with designing a stator ring for an AC motor?

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project that requires a stator ring like the ones found in electric motors where there are 2-3phases of electromagnetic coils placed in a circular fashion with a pole pointing towards the center (look at picture below). The coils would be powered by AC...
  44. S

    A very simple stator ring question

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project that requires a stator ring like the ones found in electric motors where there are 2-3phases of electromagnetic coils placed in a circular fashion with a pole pointing towards the center (look at picture below). The coils would be powered by AC...
  45. C

    Troubleshooting LED Lights & Stator System on Off Road Vehicle

    I put LED LIGHTS 60 WATTS on an off road vehicle with a stator not an alternator. When i use my winch or the cooling fan comes on the light goes out. I can turn the light switch off then on and it comes back on. It only happens when there is a fairly heavy draw on the system. Can this be fixed...
  46. P

    DC Motor Torque: 95% Power to Stator, 5% to Motor?

    In a conventional DC motor 95 percent of the power is supplied to the motor while only 5 percent of the power is supplied to the stator. consider the torque equation. what if you have a motor that has 95percent power supplied to the stator and 5 percent to the motor. the motor will still run but...