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Steering calculations

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    I am designing a rack and pinion steering system .I have strucked in finding 1)rack displacement,2)tie rod length.
    The inputs that I have inner and outter wheel lock angles,turning radius,lock to lock turns,steering ratio. If I get rack displacement,I can get steering arm length.so how to find rack displacement. And I don't have any info about pinion and rack.
    How to proceed to design rack and pinion?
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    I suggest you to take the circular pitch of thehttp://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?toolid=10029&campid=CAMPAIGNID&customid=CUSTOMID&catId=220&type=2&ext=191589449302&item=191589449302 [Broken]gear then multiply it by the number of teeth which gives you the travel of the rack for one revolution of the gear. Beware of the units.If you have the travel you need, do it backwards to calculate the rack and pinion.
    I guess that is it.
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    Thanks for reply,
    I can't assume simply, ryt?there should be valuable reason behind assumption.on what basis I can assume if I suppose to assume rack displacement?
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    You either have to have the gear you want to use, or the displacement you need plus how many turns of the gear you want the total displacement to happen to calculate the pitch, then the gear. I'm not sure if I've made myself clear.
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