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Stereotyping and why women avoid geeks

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    why is it that women avoid geeks yet most women look for the more understanding men yett a large # of people who have a love of technology or games are more understanding people are women that much of a paradox
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    Who says that a large amount of people who have a passion (don't use the word 'love') for technology understand women better? I have never heard of this. Perhaps this is your own asumption.

    I would however, agree that women do avoid geeks. Before i became a computer geek i had lots of girlfriends. My relationships have exponentially decreased since. ;)
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    not sure how this topic is philosophical? is this about stereotyping in general? and to answer your question about the reason why this might be happening is:
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    People have characteristics about them that make them who they are individually. Some guy who I have a mutual attraction with, just has some characteristics that I desire. You know, he might have a nice physical apperance so he focuses on working out every day, going to a tanning salon, just for example. Where as someone who I am less attracted to, might have more qualities that I desire, but since appearance is such a breaking point, it's hard to find people based on the guy's personality that I have not had enough time to get to know. In my experience, men who have chosen to focus on other aspects in life, college, career, etc, don't have the attractiveness that I would originally desire. However, over time they become more attractive because with those men I have had better luck achieving what I actually desire. This differs for men who I am originally physically attracted to. Men who have the physical qualities that I 100% desire, might not have the core qualities that I desire.

    My feeling on it is to try to decide who a guy is by his personality, accomplishments, stability etc, and then decide if he has the other matching characteristics that I want.

    I don't like saying this because it always makes people think that appearance doesn't matter to me. As long as there is attraction, I try to look at it like appearance can change some, if the person really wants to change -- so if possible, I try to base it less on appearance. But then threes the whole, you can't make someone change --

    I don't think that women intentionally ignore geeks, or intentionally go for them, alot of them just don't analyze it half as much as I might. =)
    Anyway, this topic could go on forever.
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