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Stress and Strain Test

  1. Jan 5, 2010 #1
    I need to draw a stress and strain graph. New to physics, so would like to know if i am on the right line and require a bit of help for the last few questions

    These are the values I have:

    Diameter - 10.02mm
    Original Length - 50mm
    Extension -10mm
    Diameter After Test - 6.76mm
    Max Load - 42.7 kN
    Break Point - 31 kN

    Found the cross sectional area to be - 78.85

    So for the maximum tensile stress, i done

    42700/78.85 = 541.5 MPa .... Is this correct?

    How do i go about calculating the strain for this value so i can plot it on my graph. I know the formulas, but wasnt given a extension at the Max Load?

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    There is a differenve between the engineering stress-strain curve and the true stress-strain curve. The engineering stress-strain curve does not take into account the 'necking down' of the cross sectional area, whereas the true stess -strain curve does. The engineering curve is most often used. Your calc for the max stress is correct. if you weren't given any intermediate extension values as a function of stress, you can't do much with a plot of the curve. Was the the 10 mm extension at the break point, or max load point, or other point?
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    10mm was the final extension, so a total of 60mm, after it had broken.

    And i am trying to calculate the engineering stress and engineering strain. Thanks
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    If that's all the info you have, you can compute the stress-strain only at the break point (engineering stress at break point = 31000/78.85 MPa, and strain at break point = 10/50). You don't have much else to work with.
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