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Homework Help: Stress strain laboratory question

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Establish the constitutive relationship for the cantilever beam material, i.e., provide an empirical formula for the relationship σxxxxxx) and generate a plot of this relationship. What is the cantilever beam material?
    2. Relevant equations
    This is a pure beam bending theory lab, rosette gauge on beam with loads and displacements from a precision micrometer.

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Not really sure what this question is asking. Also I'm confused about the equation. Wouldn't the stress xx just cancel out and εxx=1?? I got a bunch of data on the beam from the rosette gauge, but I don't really get this question. Any help on shedding what its asking would be great. thanks.
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  3. Oct 8, 2012 #2
    Greetings xzibition8612! The notation [itex]\sigma_{xx}(\epsilon_{xx})[/itex] means "find [itex]\sigma_{xx}[/itex] as a function of [itex]\epsilon_{xx}[/itex]". For example, a beam under uniaxial tension might obey [itex]\sigma_{xx}(\epsilon_{xx}) = E\epsilon_{xx}[/itex], where [itex]E[/itex] is the elastic modulus.
  4. Oct 8, 2012 #3
    alright i figured it out using your formula. So this is my result. Now the question is what kind of material follows this graph? Anyone know or where can i find this info? By the way strain is in micro strain, or 10^-6.


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  5. Oct 9, 2012 #4
    Given your graph you should be able to find the elastic modulus of the material. Then you may need to consult some tables to see which material has that same elastic modulus.
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