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Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

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    This is an unusual book which uses the Scheme programming language to functionally describe the various components of classical mechanics. I would say it is at the level of a graduate mechanics course (think Goldstein), however students with a strong programming background will find it easier.

    I read some of this text online and then quickly decided I needed a real copy. So far I have read 1/3 of it and am simply in awe at the power of Scheme and functional notation (another technique it uses heavily). I feel I now write more elegant and generic code when I write simulations, as well as have a more powerful understanding of mechanics. Some day I would love to teach a course based on this text.

    I can only imagine that many others would find this fascinating.

    The FULL TEXT is available for viewing at this url:

    And, if you are curious about the Scheme language, here is the best resource:

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    Re: Structure and Interpretation Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

    Do you know of any video lectures to go with this book? I know that none exists from MIT, but maybe another school uses this book and posted lectures.

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