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Struggling with a concept in regards to electric fields

  1. Mar 24, 2015 #1
    So I'm trying to figure out the electric field that is acting on a point. This point is .3 m right of a point charge with -2N/C and .8m from a point charge with +4N/C. I've drawn it out, and realize both will have an impact on this object. what the issue I'm having is figuring out a formula to use. I would expect that taking the electric field that the +4N/C charge creates using kq1/r1 and then adding the field the second creates kq2/r2 would then give me the complete field. Would this be correct?
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    There is a principle of superposition in electrostatics, which means fields of different charges can be added together (vectorially) to get the resultant field.
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    Please post a sketch of the arrangement, and show how you added the Electric field vectors at the point of interest...
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