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Studying for physics

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    Taking physics I end up seeing the connection between equations and how most of the time certain topics end up only needing 3-4 essential equations depending on the system and etc. However, I do believe it takes rigourious work to attain these connections. What are your work habits like in studying for physics? Do you read all the details? For me I usually only read the bold letters, the equations and try the problems and go back to the text and try to make the connection between the class lecture and the textbook problems. What about you guys?
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    I see most people study physics like that. To me that's the highway to boredom and losing passion for my topic of choice. For me the fun part in physics lies in grasping concepts, seeing how a model is created that fits the reality. The braindead part comes when it's time to do some algebra and put in some numbers which is something you often can do without knowing a thing about what you're really doing. The beauty is when the subject is so clear to you that mathematics doesn't play a very big role, it's all intuitive and the relations are obvious.

    I love it when you've just stared a new course, new shiny book, have a cup of coffee and just start reading and learning something completely new and unknown. Look it up further on the net, go to the library to get some other authors view, taking walks thinking about it. Unfortunetely as the weeks pass by I'm forced to start working on the exam problems, then the study process becomes just machinery and the passion is long gone.
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