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Subjective space-time fabric ?

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    I don't know if this question is psychiatric or has to do with philosophy of physics : When we sleep is there subjectively no space-time, we don't feel in any place nor we know the time. So how does the brain reconnect to space-time ?
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    Unfortunately, philosophy and meta-science are topics not open for discussion - partly because there are no right or wrong answers, and therefore they are non-scientific in nature.
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    As far as physics is concerned, your brain is just as much "in spacetime" when you are sleeping as when you are awake. So there's nothing to "reconnect".

    As far as your subjective experience is concerned, that's a matter of either neuroscience or philosophy, depending on how you look at it. The neuroscience aspect would be suitable for discussion, but I don't think it is very well understood. The philosophy aspect, as DaveC426913 says, is not suitable for discussion here.
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    It is not right nor wrong maybe because it is in a state of superposition of both ? Like quantum logic. Could we use this tool to describe such phenomena ?
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    Subjective experience has nothing to do with quantum mechanics.
    In any case my experience of dreams differs from yours, I distinctly do have dreams which are in particular locations and have some kind of timeline.
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    Closed pending moderation.
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    This thread is personal speculation and will remain closed.
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