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Suggestion to discuss arXiv 0804.0252

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    I would appreciate hearing some comment on this one. It joins up CDT (causal dynamical triangulations, Renate Loll's approach) with noncritical string (field) theory.

    "A novel continuum theory of two-dimensional quantum gravity, based on a version of Causal Dynamical Triangulations which incorporates topology change, has recently been formulated as a genuine string field theory in zero-dimensional target space (arXiv:0802.0719). Here we show that the Dyson-Schwinger equations of this string field theory are reproduced by a cubic matrix model. This matrix model also appears in the so-called Dijkgraaf-Vafa correspondence if the superpotential there is required to be renormalizable. In the spirit of this model, as well as the original large-N expansion by 't Hooft, we need no special double-scaling limit involving a fine tuning of coupling constants to obtain the continuum quantum-gravitational theory. Our result also implies a matrix model representation of the original, strictly causal quantum gravity model."

    Points to notice are that noncritical string does not require extra dimensions, and that the Ambjorn-Loll collaboration has considerable experience with getting results in 2 dimensions (one spatial) and then extending to 4 dimensions using numerical techniques.

    Their December paper has already been published in PRL and the February paper they refer to here has been accepted for publication in JHEP. Currently on a roll. Possibly an important bridge.
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