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Suggestions for an advanced physics lab project

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    Hello, I am currently trying to come up with an idea for a project for my advanced physics lab. I have thought to do supercooling/heating, superfluids, and perhaps a rail gun. I have access to a very nice high-speed camera, so I would hope to find an experiment that will utilize it (the rail gun for example). What are some interesting physics phenomena that would be interesting to experiment?
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    It's kind of difficult to suggest anything, as you are the only one who knows what skills you have, the quality of the lab, the amount of time you have, and a hundred other things. I bet if you browse around youtube or something like that you can find some things to inspire you.
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    superheated water is pretty cool, and you can make it in your microwave. it is dangerous though. There are videos of bowls of water exploding as they're touched. you'd just need a very smooth bowl, and modify your microwave a little bit.
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