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Sum of currents in protection relay

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    In a differential protection relay there is a setting of a threshold for the sum of amps (or the squares). In what way would that be of interest? The relay is an Areva P521.
    Also, the relay can display the ratio between the positive sequence current and the negative. What information does that give me?
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    Don't know of characteristics of this one but threshold settings are of particular importance for relays in longitudal differential protection where relays are connected to secondaries of CTs (Block diagram) . Threshold setting corresponding to range 10-30% of a nominal current usually offer sufficient protection level and selectivity for all sorts of faults. But setting the threshold too low, say 0.05In or less, would require almost perfect adjustment of CTs and may cause undesired relay activation and tripping when faults occur elsewhere in the network.
    Level of unbalance in the system (which doesn't necessarily mean fault)
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