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Programs Summer Program

  1. Nov 19, 2016 #1
    My home university is offering an innovation scholarship which supports students to join summer programs. I am searching for summer programs related to applied physics such as renewable energy or quantum computing. However, many universities only offer summer programs for high school students. Do you guys suggest any universities that provide such opportunities to undergraduates? Or shall I contact the professors personally to see whether they have research program during summer? I am not sure if they will let students from other universities participate in their research. Thanks!
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    If you are in the US there are Research experience for undergraduates (REU) programs funded by the NSF. They are ten weeks long and you receive a stipend. However, they are very competitive (the acceptance rates may be lower than when you apply for grad school) and usually only take rising juniors and seniors (there are definitely exceptions though).
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    Thanks for your information! I will check that out!
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